About Us

IVOLTAIR™ is an Electrostatic Precipitator / Electrostatic Air Cleaner / Dry Air Scrubber /Dry Scrubber  and Air pollution control equipment manufacturer and a Home grown INDIAN brand. IVOLTAIR design and manufacturers its Products according to the National / International standards and Regulations and  exports all over the world, we have our own product development center and engineers with sound knowledge over two decades of industry designing  and Projects experience.

IVOLTAIR™ High efficient Electrostatic air cleaners are designed and manufactured with latest technology standards and upgrades with an aim of air pollution control and prevention, IVOLTAIR™ electrostatic air cleaners are ideal for removing oil, smoke and fly ash from wood-fire cooking kitchen applications as well industrial Dust, oil mists and smoke from industrial processes. An additional accessory modules to control and breakdown odors levels which are in gaseous form, IVOLTAIR™ systems are well concentrated and designed based on user friendly, maintenance friendly and long life of the system.

We at Envisync Systems Pvt Ltd are committed towards Green Earth systems and applications by promoting solutions to the fields of AIR, WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL pollution control by taking a part as our responsibility.

Our motto GO GREEN for better tomorrow.

How it works

When contaminated air passes through the IVOLTAIR™ unique designed ionizer stage1 the particles gets charged with high DC electric field strength then these charged particles along with air enters to the collector stage2 and gets attracted to the grounded collector plates due to the repel action by positive plates, Cell needs to be cleaned when the units indicates maintenance or periodical scheduled maintenance is recommended manually for manual cleanable ESP units, Auto clean ESPs doesn’t need regular manual clean hence a hard wash is required for once in a 4-6 months, Auto clean ESP consists cleaning mechanism with wash nozzles, manifold and pumping system with Programmable controller integrated.

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