Kitchen Exhaust Application

  1. Smoke.
  2. Grease.
  3. Wood Fire.
  4. Odor.
  5. Display Mobile Cooking Station.
  6. Dry Scrubber for Commercial Cooking Station.

Industrial Application

  1. Oil.
  2. Fume.
  3. Dust.
  4. Coolant.
  5. CNC Workshops.
  6. Dry Air Scrubber for Industrial Air Pollution Control.

HVAC Applications

  1. Lounges.
  2. As an electric smoke cleaner.
  3. Return air filter.
  4. Supply air filter.
  5. As an electrostatic air purifier.
  6. Smoke room air purifier.

Why ivoltair?

IVOLTAIR’s High efficient Electrostatic air cleaners are designed and manufactured with latest technology standards and upgrades with an aim of air pollution control and prevention, IVOLTAIR’s electrostatic air cleaners are ideal for removing oil, smoke and fly ash from wood-fire cooking kitchen applications as well industrial Dust as a Dry Scrubber, oil mists and smoke from industrial processes.

Remove irritating and nuisance particles

Remove irritating and nuisance particles

The need for an ESP in ventilation is to remove potentially irritating and nuisance Particles that adversely affect human health and air handling Equipment. Particles of 10 μm size may be trapped in the nose and cause irritation and/or allergic reactions.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Degradation

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Degradation

These particles can also soil surfaces and equipment. Such contamination can provide nutrients for biological growth in ductwork or cause duct corrosion, both of which contribute to indoor air quality (IAQ) degradation.



Filtration of large particles is needed to protect air-handling systems and equipment from contamination.

Recirculated air in HVAC systems may contain high concentrations of large particles.

Recirculated air in HVAC systems may contain high concentrations of large particles.

Those up to 10 μm are inhalable and affect the health-related aspects of Indoor Air Quality. Many allergens, fungi, and bioaerosols are in the 3 to 10 μm size range .

Easy Maintenance

IVOLTAIR™ units are low pressure loss and washable with an easy maintenance procedures.

Saves Energy

Low pressure loss for a clean cell thus saves energy in long run and better savings comparatively with other filters.

High Cleaning Efficiency

High cleaning efficiency up to 96% found on DOP single pass test.

Particle collection

Particle collection from 0.01micron to 10 micron meters.

Easy to Wash

Easy washable pre-mesh filters and mechanically rugged cell.

Precision design

Semi-spiked zigzag plate type Ionizer (IVOLTAIR R&D) module for maximum particle charging and no breakage or rust, Precision designed collector module for maximum collection efficiency.

CE Certified

CE certified High voltage direct current PWM technology based solid state power supply module.

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